Travel Daydreaming...

Travel changed my life in a significant way. Wanderlust flows through my veins. It has started oozing out my pores lately, with kids and work and all the other day to day that makes you forget the things that truly make you happy.

So my mind starts to take me back to those places of isolation and singularity that travel brings. The dichotomy of feeling limitless and insignificant at the same time.

I long for the feeling of the white sands of Zanzibar to ooze through my toes like flour. I can still taste the red dirt of the Serengeti mixed with bugs from poking my head out the top of the decades old Land Cruiser gawking at the Big 5. Staring up at the stars from 17K Feet and having the feeling that you could just reach out and touch them without getting burned. I need to feel the face shot of Colorado powder again. I remember the feeling of being in the middle of a school of fish driving the streets of Taipei with all the scooters dodging in and out.

Machu Pichu is high on my list. The waters of Thailand have always been a draw. Diving the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing the enormity of the Outback is a dream.

Where, if you could disappear right now, would you go?

Great topic!

I think the place that has had one of the biggest impressions on me was Tibet, the enormity of the landscape is just incredible. We were lucky enough to camp at Everest Base camp for two nights and saw a perfect sunset and sunrise over the mountain… would love to teleport back there if I could.

I fell in love with San Francisco when I went there and would love to go back. I also really loved South Africa, I went with a school rugby tour and want to go back independantly.

I have had great experiences travelling through Europe on the trains, theres something really free about travelling like that, you could just get on any train and go anywhere you wanted. I have great memories from a 21hr train from Sofia to Lublijana in an empty 1970s sleeper train that moved at about 2mph all the way!

Next places on my list are Scandinavia, I would love to go really north and see the Northern Lights. I want to get over my fear of spiders and go to Austrailia (chatting to an Austrailian guy in an Istanbul Hostel ruined it for me when he told me about Huntsman spiders!!) and also New Zealand.

I desperatly want to go snowboarding again soon, its a tough decision between booking a trip and paying rent/eating food!


Those are some good ones. I forgot about the Northern lights. I want to get up North to see them too. What’s a huntsman spider?

I remember travelling around the SW United States with some friends from the UK (one’s we met on Kilimanjaro, ironically enough). I remember them talking about the enormity of the US. They couldn’t get over how you could drive for 4 hours and see very little. We were on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Everest Base Camp is a good one too. There was a time when I wanted to climb Everest. But sanity has crept in.

Hinterthal, Austria. Disappear into the alps for a few days, come back a new man, work at a small pub… ah the life.

What’s the draw to Iceland? Its not even on my radar.

NURB…I can hear the gears of nostalgia turning from here :wink: I also envision a “special someone” as part of that little flashback.

Wouldn’t that be nice… :wink:

I’d still take my wife, though.

What’s the draw to Iceland? Its not even on my radar.

Mainly because it is really remote, there are not a lot of people, it’s completely wild and it has some stunning volcanic activity and scenery. It’s the perfect retreat because it is the kind of place where you really reconnect with nature and disconnect from our urban environment. In some places it looks so much like what primitive earth would have looked like; I think it would bring up a lot of reflection and a good personal experience.

Remote and cold locations always really appealed to me for those reasons : New Zealand and the Kamchatka peninsula would also be places I’d love to see.

This is the draw for me to Austria.

one of my friends really wants to climb it, when I was there I thought he would be able to persuade me… looking back at the photos now and having just re-read touching the void im not sure I would attempt to climb a big mountain!!

From what he told me they are massive spiders (as big as your face! probably an exaggeration) that live inside your house running around hunting things instead of making webs. I’d find you a link to a picture of one but Im going to bed now and I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I did!

I would like to go to Kilimanjaro definitly writing that one onto my list!
I had a map of the world on my wall at uni, I remember looking at the Cook Islands and seeing how far away from anything they were and deciding that I wanted to go there. I would love to go to the North Pole

Its a good thing I’m young I think I’m going to end up with a long list of places I want to go to!

Doe, a deer, a female deer…

in order:

Tokyo - im curious about the culture, the architecture, the food!
Angkor Vat - A lost city, to be in a place where an entire civilization existed, then vanished.
Macchu Picchu - See above
Middle East - The architecture of the old civilizations, seems so advanced for the time.

I have in the past few years, enjoyed places like museums and art shows by myself (I prefer it that way). I think travel to places of meditation and awe could have a better effect on me if I was alone.

Depends on who you are travelling with. I have done a significant amount of my travel with my wife. We travel very well together. With the right person, you still get the moments alone.

Two moments that stand out in my mind:

  1. Sitting on the top luggage rack of a Land Cruiser with my wife staring at 3 lions playing like kittens about 20 Meters in front of us. One of the lions gets up walks about 3 steps towards us and looks us right in the eyes. My wife and I scrambling to get back in the vehicle. To this day, I still think my foot was on her ass pushing her in. Our guide and cook laughing their faces off at us. The feeling of a lion sizing you up for lunch sticks with you. And I don’t think it would have been the same w/o someone to laugh about it with now.

  2. Opposite of that is “the throne” on Kilimanjaro. At Horombo Hut on Kili there is a toilet. It is a small shack-style out house that, quite literally, is set on the side of a cliff. I can’t even venture to tell you how far of a drop it is…but it is HUGE. Sitting on that throne, by yourself, doing your thing, with that view in front of you reminds you very much how human you are. Something I could never experience in the same light with someone else there.

Totally agree. I meant for meditative moments, introspection. I still love the roadtrips and shared moments too.

hehe…road trips. Wasn’t what I had in mind when I brought up the topic…but they should be included.

I have had a few doozies :smiley: Not to mention far more hours of my life than I can count sitting in a 15 person van travelling all around the Mid-West for Track while at Purdue.

Here’s an image: 10 college guys in 2 cars driving 12 hours to Miami for spring break.


Here’s an image: 10 college guys in 2 cars driving 12 hours to Miami for spring break.

Yes! SPRING BREAK! Oh, man. Sign me up. Padre, Havasu, Cabo… except now I’d be the creepy older guy…

I spent a few years in Tahiti, I’d love to go back and visit old friends.

Of course, I also want to see Europe, since I learned French in Tahiti. Pretty much the whole world if I was rich and had nothing better to do. Next week, I get to go on a road trip down to Arizona which is a beautiful drive through red rock country, especially in the snow.

I would love to go to iceland too but Japan’s Mtns powder mountains have to be the top of my list.