Trash your iPods - the new king (iPhone) is here, in June

I am not that excited, probably due the the fact that recent i-products have been pretty predictable. The i-phone is basically a dream gadget that has everything, like every student’s dream concept, except that it’s real.

I’m glad that they didn’t do a i-camera or i-this i-that before i-everything, which is what this basically is.

The only thing I am keen to check out is the interface and how it packages all these different features.

I agree with Yo, this thing better hold up great. If they are as great as they say they are they should learn from there past mistakes. My bet is that they will.
My only issue with the design is the color break on the back side. The lower portion in black looks off, not as pure and simple as the front. wonder what the thinking was there.

I’m using some li-poly battery’s in my current product, apparently according to the manufacturer they are very stable. I wonder what screen technology its using?

I caught that as well, I assumed it was a battery door until I found out the battery is not removable… curious. It draws more attention than the camera lens.

Yeah, not that exciting at all… :wink:

Well, packing too many features in one isn’t eactly a good thing for the consumers. Say if I want an entry-level phone but a good camera, then the i-phone won’t work for me. When you try to combine totally different features together on the same device, it’s hard to please everyone. To put this in an extreme way, it could mean that people who choose the i-phone get it because they want the gadget, not because they care about the quality of each feature.

We’ve seen attempts of cellphone playing MP3s, playing video games, as a electronic organizer and digital camera. So far, only the digital camera feature is getting somewhere positive.

and I figured that’s one of the many reasons why other companies aren’t trying to combine everything yet.

I think an even more ambitious attempt will be to create a modular device. Like the power ranger robot which you can plug on different devices of your choice to become an ultimate personalized gadget.

That sounds so cheesy though… :blush:

You are right. Think of the way you can order computers with almost the exact specs you want. For certain people this could be a great option for a portable device. Not necessarily user modularity, but assembly modularity.

Well, the cool thing about modularity is, if the plateform is designed right, what is on your hand now will be totally different from what it will become 5 years down the road, but it’s still on the same platform. Wait, this reminds me of that droog design, the bunch of cabinets and shelves that are bundled together. Yeap, just swap out the shelve units with updated ones and you get yourself a whole new piece of furniture.

Sounds a little like Handspring’s Springboard idea from back in the day. Seems complicated for Apple though. Apple traditionally tries to make hard/complex tasks easy by making devices and services that do many complex things startlingly easy to use. The iPod makes digital music simple. OSX makes using a computer simple(r). It looks like the iPhone aims to make portable multimedia computing easier. Besides, why future-proof something through modularity when you can just come up with a new generation and sell it for another $500 in the future? The modularity idea is cool in principle though.

Just looked at the pics. I’m guessing the black color/material break at the bottom is because of the cell, wifi, Bluetooth, and EDGE antennas. Signals wouldn’t pass through the metal back case that well. RF can be cruel like that.

XM and Sirius online would be available through wifi, I’m guessing. :wink:

For years I flew the Apple flag despite almost everyone around me thinking me some sort of heretic. I grew to love the fact that a MAC was my own little treasure. Kind of like that band that nobody else has ever heard of, but who you know are brilliant musicians. I felt cool, hip, as though I were in on a secret kept from the rest of society.

Then I took a job where I was forced to use a PC. At first it was uncomfortable. I had to forge some kind of working relationship with my old nemesis, which of course I would, but I was determined to not like it. However, after about four months of designing things on my newfound “friend”, I started to notice little things about it that I found charming, almost likeable. And then one day I noticed that I was starting to set up my workflow so that I wouldn’t have to use the only MAC in the department. The scales had tipped and I realized that I was now choosing the PC over the MAC. Yes, that horrid machine eventually grew on me and won me over. I put down my Apple flag and replaced it with that of my former enemy. Traitor be thy name.

Since that day, have happily used PCs at work and have puchased one for home. “Apple will never win me back” I would think to myself. The iPods are fantastic and I love mine, but it works just as well on my PC as it did on my MAC.

And then Tuesday happened. This iPhone may, in the end, prove to be nothing more than another gadget destined for the scrap heap, but I must confess that this thing has me genuinely excited about Apple again! I eagerly await the day when all the information we use in our daily lives can be used and accessed in one place. I see this a big step in the direction of consolidation. Others have of course come out with similar products, but none has come close to really integrating all these features together with an interface that makes it a pleasure to use rather than a pain.

iPhone may prove me wrong when I actually get to see it and use it, but based on what I have seen and heard, I think this could really be a landmark product.

My only issue with the design is the color break on the back side. The lower portion in black looks off, not as pure and simple as the front. wonder what the thinking was there.

There’s a very sound functional reason for this…antenna. The phones antenna is situated underneath this part break. I can think of a thousand reasons (functionally) why they put the break in as opposed to making it a clean surface on the back…here’s a couple:

  1. Antenna swapping - Once the exclusivity clause with Cingular runs out (likely 6 months after release, they will be wanting to migrate to other technologies (i.e. CDMA tech stream…aka Verizon). The two technologies don’t use the same antenna and RF layout. If they have modularized the internals, as in have the baseband separate from the RF, they can swap this section out down the road much easier than having a full SKU that is effectively a full redesign of the product.

  2. Materials - I can’t tell from the photos, but antennas and metal don’t mix. The chrome ring around the LCD, not to mention the LCD are going to cause some BIG time interferance issues. My primary concern for this phone is reception with battery being #2. If the back is metallic, than the only opening that is plastic is that part break.

  3. I have been thinking about this phone from a technology perspective (woke me up at 3 this morning &^%$ Apple, Inc.). This thing has HUGE fundamental Technological hurdles to overcome. IF (big IF) Apple has come up with some innovative engineering so that this doesn’t have tragic flaws functionally, than this phone has a chance. With the camera in the upper corner, and the antenna down south, I can’t see the battery being all that huge. Capacity of MAYBE 1200 mAh? With 3G technology there is a huge sucking sound that comes when you connect data though those pipes. They will be lucky to get 5 hours. The antenna is the other area that I just can’t fathom how they have managed to get this thing to NOT be mediocre in its reception. It will be interesting to see what they have done.

Well, users who own the current generation of i-phone need not necessary have to buy its next generation. There could be other brands making better products. Who knows. However, if you create a modular system now(while others haven’t), you are investing in the customer’s loyalty… actually, you are tying them down now. When they get acustomed with your system, it will be hard for them to switch.

Furthermore, which is easier? Spending another $599 on a brand new device, or $199 to upgrade your current one according to how much you want to upgrade?

BTW a 2mp phone camera will get obselete in no time, much quicker than the rest of its features.

BTW a 2mp phone camera will get obselete in no time, much quicker than the rest of its features.

The camera feature becomes obsolete 2 months after you buy the phone b/c you never use it again.

Does anyone really use the phone feature on their phone after a few months?

Interesting Time story that touches on a lot of the design issues:,8599,1575410-1,00.html

“I think there’s almost a belligerence—people are frustrated with their manufactured environment,” says Ive. “We tend to assume the problem is with us, and not with the products we’re trying to use.” In other words, when our tools are broken, we feel broken. And when somebody fixes one, we feel a tiny bit more whole.

I use the camera all the time for taking pictures of things I want to remember- products, signs, documents, my kid doing something cute, etc. I always have my phone with me because it’s small and fits in my pocket, but I seldom have my camera with me unless I’m planning to photograph something. I would use the cameraphone a lot more if the quality weren’t so bad. 2MP is (just) acceptable if the optics and sensor are decent (they probably won’t be), although lack of a flash hurts a lot.

Maybe Samsungs Blackjack is effecting RIM’s stock too. That thing is being heavily marketed, and seems to have the same functionality.

Anyone know what the screen is on this thing…OLED, LCD etc.


I doubt its OLED unless they have managed to push the technology ahead. As of 2 years ago, OLED was still 5 years away from full screen color en masse.

Can not wait till they come out with the shuffle version. No screen, clips to the ear and makes calls randomly…

Breaking news! Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple using their iPhone trade name.

More here:

This is kind of ironic. The name iPod was clearly the reason there are now a thousand gadgets with the ‘i’ title, and now one of them is coming back to bite them. Success sucks.

Another article that I read mention that either way, win or lose, the Apple phone will be sucessful. I’d have to agree. The name really won’t affect it’s sales.