Transporting product samples to an interview

For the first time in my career I have actual product samples to bring to interviews. I’m curious what the community’s opinions and experience has been with containers and transporting product samples to interviews. My samples are not huge, but they will look silly if stuffed in a messenger bag.

I thought it might be cool to get a designey hard shell carry-on type thing, but I’m curious what people out there have already done. Budget is small, but need something respectable and hopefully cool but timeless and large enough to last a (hopefully) long and prolific career. :smiley:


EDIT: I think I may have a winner.

Any advice on size? 72L seems big, but may be good a decade down the road.

Just had a thought. It must be a pain for a furniture designer flying in somewhere to do this. Then again, it would be worth the hassle to be a furniture designer.