Hey everyone,

When I finish my current undergraduate program, I plan to apply to a school that has a specialization in transportation design. I’m interested in all types of trans though(watercraft, aerial vehicles, wheeled vehicles, etc…), and want to find a place that is not totally automotive-centered. The schools I’m considering applying to so far are:

Art Center

I do plan to make individual visits to those schools, but does anyone have any other suggestions as to places where I should look, or a recommendation between those three? Thanks.

Hi, You might consider visiting a studio that does a variety of work as well. Transportation and product… A great one is in Sarasota FL. Robrady Design. Rob is an Art Center grad and has done it all…boats, jets skis, scooters, products etc… Take a look at his site…

definitly add Cincinnati to your list.

The IDSA “designperspectives” landed in my mailbox yesterday. There is an article in it about the Art Institute of Pittsburgh now offering a 12-course track specializing in transportation design. It is an undergrad program though. Just thought I would mention it in case any other individuals read this thread and were on that track.