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“The studio meets every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, where O’Kane goes from person to person, helping the students with their designs and giving her professional input gained from her experience as a designer. That experience includes a major contribution when she was the designer behind GM’s innovative car, the Aztec”

University of Cinci… they are proud of the fact that the head of the department is responsible for the aztec… wow.

save your money and go to CCS.

I would guess that the designers were just the sketch monkeys on that project, management makes the decisions, why do you think there are so many horrible car designs out there?

Some excerpts from an old BusinessWeek article:

"The Aztek has been the poster-car for GM’s canny ability over the last decade to survey the marketplace, poll consumers, anticipate style trends and come up with something so wrong-headed as to make Sony’s commitment to Beta look like marketing genius.

GM product boss Bob Lutz has quipped, “We’d fire the guy who greenlighted the Aztek if we could find anyone willing to admit it.”

It’s been so unpopular from a design standpoint that GM and dealers have had to discount the heck out of it."

ccs? hmm…cough cough… sorry, just clearing my throat.

molested cow what do u have against ccs?

after seeing grad show work from CCS and ACCD: just study trans outside of the States.

I had a girlfriend in college who wanted an Aztec. She actually made me go with her to test drive one!! :confused:

we broke up shortly there-after

molested cow is just another trans hopefull that didn’t make the cut into trans, now he wallows in self pity in the product department… just kidding…

I saw your stuff at the student show, I liked the RV concept stuff.