Transportation Portfolio/projects feedback

Hi, my name is Samuel, I am looking for feedback on my projects.
Criticism is welcomed.

Hey Samuel,

Not sure what year of school you are in. Mainly you got to work on your sketching. It looks like your trying to stylize your sketches like you may have seen in automotive design books. I would say that is the wrong way to start. You need to learn the basics first. How to do proper perspective, line work, and etc.

Here is a link to the Scott Robertson DVD’s I recommend to you.

Techniques of Scott Robertson 1: Basic Perspective Form Drawing

Techniques of Scott Robertson 2: How to Draw Cars

You may feel these are too pricey or that you dont need them you can figure it out yourself but I am telling you. This is the best investment you can give yourself to your future as an automotive designer or even a product designer. This helps for everything not just cars.

Through watching these dvd’s I went from being on of the worst drawers in my class to being in the top 5 in my class. By watching these dvd’s and drawing along to them and also practising these techniques late into the night I became pretty good at sketching. Eventually you will be confident enough that a lot of these steps you will skip but you need to know the basics.

Also once you know the basics you will develop your own technique and skills and you will be able to draw like the pros.

Also in terms of lay out F*ck it just copy the way masters students to it at Art Centre, Umea, and CCS. You projects are not the same so just copy their layouts in a way, then eventually you will be confident enough and develop your own layouts.

Also in terms of the DVD’s not sure if your can download them but I recommend just buy them. A downloaded video u wont take as serious a purchased one however, you will be more serious and want to get your monies worth so you will watch it royally and get better. Just buy the DVD and you will be fine.

Thanks, I will probably get those soon. I’m trying hard to improve on my sketching.
I’m a senior in high school.