transportation design


I’m wondering if anyone can explain to me what it’s like to study transportation design. What’s your curriculum like in a brief description? What made you choose it as a major? How much engineering/ mechanical knowledge is involved?

This might seem a little odd. I was a fashion design major at Parsons. I didn’t like it so I quit. Some of the reasons I disliked it had to do with my own financial issues. Being so far from my family. I also felt like the limits held over my creativity in it were suffocating my growth.

Originally out of high school I was interested in fine arts. I’m way to scared to pursuit it for a living no matter how talented I am. I want to make a decent living so… design seemed like the best choice.

I really don’t know anything about transportation design. I didn’t know a lot about fashion design either. I have very very strong drawing/painting skills I just haven’t found the right industry to apply them to. I’ve also been considering graphic design. Currently I’m enrolling in a community college to pick up transfer academics. I think it will give me some time to think about everything and do some research.

Anyone have anything that might help me understand if this could be a possible major for me?