Transportation Design Major

I’m looking to go into transportation design out in CA, but was also planning on including some product design work in my final portfolio…If my main concentration is transportation design and in the end it doesn’t follow through because of competition…do I still have a shot at getting a job in product design???

Great question. I’d like to hear someone answer it as well.


You have a better chance of getting into product design than transport design. The number of entry level posts in transport design every year is less than half the graduating classes from Art Center and CCS.

Transportation such as cars? Very tough to get in the transportation field (cars). But there are motorcycles, ski-doo, sea-doo, ATV, trucks, etc. It’s also who you know that is very important to beat the “competition”. That’s how a got in at BRP. Internship are very important to get inside contacts.

After BRP, got into product design with occasional transportation projects (Freelancing for design firms and movie props). Product design is different compared to transp. design. However, with time you will get the hang of it.

So, yes there is more chance for you to get in the product design field if transp. design doesn’t work out.