Transportation Design Help

First off this is my first post so hopefully it is in the correct forum. My question is would any one be willing to basically set up their own course to teach me about automotive design? Like how to design cars, conceptualizing them, and learn ways to innovate new designs?

Background info: Currently I am studying graphic design at a local college, but would like to master in transportation design at CCS. To apply for it though my portfolio has to contain transportation designs. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to design their own course on guiding me on how to. I am a experienced artist and have done research myself on automotive design, but would feel better if a professional guided me. I can pay a reasonable amount as well. Thank you for any help in advance.

Do a Google search for car rendering. Sketch as much as you can, especially existing designs.

99% of getting this portfolio together is your own internal drive. With or without a mentor, you will learn by making 10,000 mistakes and horrible drawings. With your background, you will recognize them and be able to avoid them again.

Good luck!

Do a Google search for car rendering.

Or take a few minutes, hours, days, weeks and spend it > sketching - Core77 Discussion Boards

And for a “historical” look at how design work is developed, see > UPDATED: vintage concept sketches

And lest we forget our friend, yo, see > Tutorials

I should do another 5 minute sketch vid.

Your “Verithin & Marker” tutorial is my fav; it has a nice old’s cool feel to it, and doesn’t require electricity to do.