Transportation Design| Florida... And online classes at AAU

This is my first post on here… For the past weeks or so, I’ve been reading posts regarding Florida’s lack of ID schools due to it’s location and other reasons. So I am at a turning point and here are some rants.

AAU (Academy Art University) offers an online system for ID but found out that a) they don’t offer BFA (even though their web-site and catalog list the option) due to the obvious reasons of some classes being more hands on and the tools that they work with are not buy off the self items. b) Florida only has the AI of Ft. Lauderdale which I’ve heard both bad and good comments… c) I should have my AA in Graphic Design by March 06 though I am worried that most of my credits won’t be transferable due to some classes that were pass/fail and limited transferable credits with some schools.

I know most will say get out of Florida and go to one of the five transportation design schools in the USA or go overseas. That may be an option but (there is always a but) well I’ll leave it at that…

So here is a long shot question. I’ve read (via these forums and cardesignnews) that companies look at what you can do. How your portfolio looks and how much experience you have. I understand education is key, although if that is unattainable in transportation design, what if one studies in studio art and self teaches in ID/TD? Is ID/TD an all or nothing type of thought or can one be successful without graduating from a TD school?

I know there is this “if you really want to do it, then do it” sentiment on these forums which is always nice to see but we all know that sometimes you really can’t do it.

Thanks for your thoughts/views. I’m really interested in automotive “things”, I even have car drawlings when I was at the age of five. I think schooling (highschool and below) pushed those ideals in a dark place but since I’ve taken drawling I, it came out again.

are you looking to get into trans design? are you going to get a job at where you at now? you act like you dont want to get out of florida? will you find a OEM car design studio there? some times you got to chase the dream out of state. there is a whole lot more chance on the west coast, as for a trans design. most if not all of the car co have a studio there. it is car crazy! man if you want it go for an leave florida in the dust. just like Texas, for me.


Well yes I am looking to get into TD. Am I going to get a job in TD in Florida, that would be nice but we know there are no automotive companies located here (maybe kit car companies). I do come off as not wanting to get out of Florida, correct but was seeing if there are people who are self taught with a degree in an art field in the business. I suppose not many (if at all) are self-taught in the field of TD.

For some reason I find California a melting pot but don’t you think it’s a bit saturated? Maybe that is why you see the top US auto companies come out with cars that all look the same. (Or maybe that is how I see it) I hope I am not hitting any toes with a hammer.

So what do you think in regards to self-taught ID/TD?

trans is a good old boy club, you will need that pice of paper. sure you can do it, but you want never work for a car co studio! you ever see the work of Steve Stanford in the magazines? he is self taught, but could he work for a major OEM studio? what you think with out the school the contacts, you will not get any where. you can have a the best renderings in the world , but you want even get a foot in the door. now with that said you may just want to do the magazine freelance, but there is no money in it. well I mean steady money.

The route to becoming a transportation designer is extremely narrow. Very often it’s a do or die situation. If you are seriously in landing a job as a car designer, you have to do a lot more research.

and yes, networking and contacts are the main factors that get you a job even if you are extremely talented.

Well I have good news. AAU does offer a BFA for transportation design via online. Though I was told many times (which I understand fully) that it is very tough to get into and pass. He told me that he had 30 students start in TD and only 4 were left.

I keep on forgetting to log in… :unamused:

who is he? who did you talk to Doug was that his name? are did you talk to Tom manto the head of the ID trans?

Doug was his name, correct. Have you spoke with him before? I didn’t speak with Tom, no.