Transportation Design - Career in Train / Railroad design

Who is employing designers for train / railroad design? I should know this but I don’t . I was talking to one of my former students and the topic came up. My best response at the time was GE, but I don’t know where or who else are major players in this industry. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks for the input engio. This is better than what I had to go off of. Does anyone know the amount of this type of work that is driven through agencies? If any.

See: Locomotive Manufacturers

I don’t think Lionel is listed. . … . :wink:

Just remembered that I have just worked with a guy who has done a lot of locomotives here in Sweden. If nothing else you might enjoy his portfolio. Really old school guy that delivered a handmade technical drawing, I even found a spot of correction fluid :wink:

I think a lot of bigger agencies do interiors and sexy swoopy locomotives, like IDEO for AMTRAK.

Nice stuff engio… especially his website. Thanks, on behalf of all the railfans here, for posting that.

Cool portfolio. Thanks for the info guys.

This guy has done some rail work:

Thanks Mike. Great work really digin this type of design work. Seams like fun!

In Boston the new Green line trolly cars are made by Breda in Italy and they have designed by Pininfarina stickers on the side. So it looks like the coach work company does more than cars, and I would imagine that they are not the only ones. The rest of the trains here are made by Kinki, Bombardier, Kawasaki, and some were made by Boeing but I’ve heard they were junk and were quickly replaced.

Pininfarina does a lot of different design work, they have for a long time. Designworks also does rail work.

Oh yeah they definitely do much more than cars, and to cross reference another thread I believe they also designed the 2006 Turin Olympic torch.

The Neumeister agency is specialised in trains and seems to win almost every account
from “Deutsche Bahn”:

Siemens and Hitachi are their main customers/ partners as the website


Siemens does a lot of train work along with a thousand other things.