Transportation design at CCS or ACCD?

I have been accepted by both CCS and ACCD for transportation design.
CCS is offering a 32k scholarship, ACCD sends out the notification for scholarship this month.
Should money not be a concern, which school offers a overall better program and have a better enviroment?

Of course ACCD.
No hesitation.

Not so fast (to the responder above) - as a CCS grad I can attest to the high level of competition and top notch education you’d receive in Motor City. The proximity to the business+design outlets of the automotive world is second to none and Detroit will toughen you as well. :wink:

First, congratulations!
I have a friend applying for undergraduate specifically at CCS for next year as well as myself for graduate school.
Have you visited any of the campuses? If not, I’d highly recommend spending some money and getting airplane tickets. It might seem like a lot of money now, but visiting and just getting the initial ‘feel’ of which will be better for YOU is of most importance in my opinion. I haven’t to ACCD’s campus, but I really loved CCS when visiting and it just made my decision a no-brainer. You should do the same and explore them as much as possible.