transportation design (and other questions) :

Hello, pesky newb here again. I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t want to go into industrial design, due to numerous factors.

Anyway, I’ve taken a second look at transportation design, and have become a little more interested. A few questions:

  1. How’s the market? I’ve read that it’s much more competitive than normal ID, is this true?

  2. What options are available for non-automobile types of transportation? I’m much more into mass transportation, bicycles, and other things outside the realm of cars. Maybe internationally more of a demand? (which would be a plus)

  3. How’s the University of Cincinnati’s transportation track? It’s one of the schools I’ve looked at. What other schools have good programs in Trans?


Transportation design is very competitive from what I hear.

As for areas other than cars: Motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, Planes, Jet skis, etc. People also work as concept artists for video games, movies, and toys.

Poke around the Transportation thread here on Core for some more info.

As for Schools, Art Center has a big name in trans. Check out Car Design News for some more info.

as Stell reserve said this market is crazy competitive and with more schools joining in with trans programs it’s even harders

as far as others areas think about anything that moves people…but you can branch back into product design

UC’s program is pretty awesome, the trans program is one of the most funded programs in DAAP, thanks to the head of the trans dept., She recently helped the trans program become a PACE funded program…which gives us a partnership with general motors…not to mention the trans studios at DAAP are the newest in the building and they have their own computer lab with a dozen or so cintiqs

you really need to post in the transportation section for more difinitive answers.
UC is one of the 5 schools tapped into by Detroit as their talent pool . They send lots of money and critiqe energy to each. Those aren’t necessarily the only schools they take interns/co-ops or first hires from. But that’s the score.
Theres faculty all over (including those) with trans experience outside of cars. If you specificaly want to do mass transit or boats or whatever, you will need to hunt around for faculty with that experience. the best place for you may or may not be in a trans program. A mainstream ID program that allows you focus on your special interest and has faculty with experience is probably where you’ll land. but start looking at the trans programs