I moved to the NY/NJ area in the fall and am still feeling sort of lost in the crowds, so I’m trying to connect with other designers who moved to the NYC metro area. If this applies to you:

-How long have you lived out East?

-How is it going for you? Did you find a job right away? Did you have contacts before you moved?

-What do you see as the big differences between the design industry in the Midwest and the industry in NY? Are attitudes different here?

-How did/do you connect with other designers? Do you attend conferences or similar gatherings?

-Overall, how do you feel about the current market here?

Thanks for your input!

Jennifer Bender

The best way to get into the scene is through networking. Go to openings, shows, workshops, seminars, etc.

A great one is coming up next month - check out the Offsite page (Core77's Offsite Series) for details