transparent polycarbonate cover moulding over a TFT panel.

we are currently developing a product which includes a transparent polycarbonate cover moulding over a TFT panel.
I am hoping someone might be able to help out with some information particularly regarding the following areas;

Application of anti glare coatings.

Surface treatments to improve scratch resistance.

Achieving good fault free transparent mouldings.

Printing / painting of the rear face of mouldings to mask areas or apply logos.

Light loss through the material.

any other issues/advice?


My experience has been with smaller screens (i.e. cell phone sized)…how big is the screen you are working on?

Some of the things I can comment…unfortunately in generalities without digging into research from over a year ago:

  • Be careful with molding plastic for a mobile product lens. The stresses caused from the molding process can cause a “rainbow effect” that is noticeable when someone is wearing polarized glasses (one of those finer details)

  • There are several Asian based in-mold decoration companies (again, can’t think of names off top of head) that are VERY helpful in educating so that you decorate the lens with logos, etc.

  • The same in-mold companies will be able to bring you up to speed on anti-scratch, glare, fingerprint, etc. coatings. They cost money, obviously.

  • I came across a glass manufacturer for lenses that was pretty amazing. It was very thin, had a thin film on either side so that if it cracked you wouldn’t get cut by glass, didn’t scrath (we abused the hell out of it), and had a much better feel than a plastic lens.

Feel freem to pm me if you have more ???s[/list]

Hi ip_wirelessly,

Thanks for the reply and the useful info. We would greatly apperciate it if you’d be kind enough to forward on any contact details for suppliers who are specialists in this area.

The TFT screens are in the region of 7 to 8" across varing products. We were aware of the importance of the moulding process and are keen to engage a supplier with lots of experience in this area.

In your experience are there any methods we can employ that will minimise reflections and glare off the surface?

Do you know of any specific materials? an important consideration for us is the Impact properties?

Many thanks