Transparent eco material

hello, am looking for a transperant ( can be translucent) material, preferably white, strong material. Something like thick acrylic. Any ideas.

Simple answer;


Made by 3form

-the ‘sturdiest’ commercially available resin on the market
-made from a large % of post consumer + industrial recycled material
-comes in transparent, translucent, etc
-also, the nicer stuff has organic materials binded within the material (grass, flowers, leaves, etc) - looks quite beautiful

I’ve used this material in at least two projects for ID, can’t wait to use it for the interior design of my home (a freestanding bathroom with walls made from this would be sick, or at least to have the shower door made from it)

They make that stuff in large sheets, no?
Can you inj mold it?

I’m looking for something similar.

They do make it in large sheets. But if you’re looking for even wall thicknesses with appropriate draft… you can vacuum form it. I’m not sure exactly what product you’re trying to make here though. I personally have used EcoResin to make fairly complex 3D shaping, since it is a thermoplastic. Actually, in the foothills of West Virginia, for a hiking backpack project, I had to put a sheet under the hood of my Volvo 240 wagon, drive around to let it heat up, and then bend it over a log, and repeat several times to achieve the spinal curvature I was looking for. It was funny, but it worked perfectly.

thats what I figured. need a pellet solution that can be molded. Maybe they would cast this stuff in a low pressure setup…

Explain the project a bit more.

I’ve used a 2-part acrylic, or was is silicone…? Made by SmoothOn. It was at least 3 or 4 years ago, my memory is a bit hazy. I believe it had the name Crystal in the product name.

It had a translucent look to it, mainly crystal clear, with a small hint of cool grey.

Take a look on the SmoothOn website or local distributor.