Transparent Acrylic Rendering

Hey all,

Here are some sketches I did for an acrylic accessory line in my internship.

How can I render a a glossy transparent material like acrylic?

I just discovered Skechbook pro, and I’m in love. Saving up my money for a tablet with a drawing area bigger than an index card.

Any and all advice/critique is very very welcome. I want to get a lot better at sketching.



Solidworks + Photoworks …

There’s a good section in “Sketching” by Koos Eissen on rendering glass. Remember to draw through and draw the thickness of the acrylic (if there’s empty space inside the object).

Erase your overspray, too. Looks all muddy.

Hey thanks for the advice, here is another stab at it.

Huge improvement. Using a graphical element behind helps to show the transparency. I wonder if a rectangular element or a stripe would be a bit less confusing. With the elipses o the object there can be some confusion with the back ground. I think you could pimp up the contrast in the inject as well to make it pop.

Here is a quick plastic cup sketch done in sketchbook, and a rendering of the refined design done in NX (It’s what I have to use :unamused: )
These are the type I show in meetings.

NX is great for modelling (if not the best)…Not so good in the rendering department :wink:

And I would change the background…Now it looks like some ancient Roman Cup you dug out :wink: