Translucent metal??

I remember reading an article on a Japanese guy that made lampshades or lights with a metal perf that had holes so small they were hard to see. Does anyone know of this article or the material? Much smaller holes than the standard micro perf used in speaker grills.

I’m not sure of micro perf though look at super fine mesh stainless steel screen. Also There has been some buzz for a while about translucent alumnia. It is a ceramic though countless times I have heard people whom misunderstood and call it transparent aluminum.

shades of Star Trek IV…

but it’s aluminum oxide, not aluminum

yes, alumina is aluminum oxide.

Well, as a ceramic, it should be plenty strong if very brittle. It definitely won’t fill the need for a transparent metal though – I think people want something flexible, malleable and stronger than plastics.

assume nothing!
this is not pottery it has a mole hardness of 9 and is extremely strong it is used to cut metal in abrasive metal cutting wheels. Rubies Saphires are natural forms of transparent alumina.


One Manufacturer

crystaline structure

Industrial Process to make transparent alumnia parts