I have been employed at a corporate design studio for some time now and am hoping to transition into the action sports/ outdoor gear industry in a few months when my contract is up. It is my first design job out of school and have been exposed to a wide variety of projects, medical, POP, office supply, consumer and homecare. Great experience, but completely unrelated to the work that I am truly passionate about. Have been doing some side freelance with backpack design which might be my gateway, but think they just needed some crunch time deliverables.

How do you recommend making the transition into this desired field with out any related experience.

…your freelance backpack gig is a good start…if they really like your work they may make you a fulltime offer later on (happened to me more than once)…if not, ask your contact for the names of others in the industry who might…again, if they think that you might go to work for a competitor they may make you an offer…if not, you got some new contacts to network…otherwise outdoor gear is not too difficult to prototype…design a few items and add them to your book…with the backpack gig listed in your resume the others will not appear as idle time concepts…(remember this is marketing 101 …perception is reality)…however, do not make any false statements about those projects to anyone…that would be bad.