Transitioning into Industrial Design

I’m currently a junior studying Marketing and I’ve been trying to transition into Industrial Design for the past year. I talked with an ID adviser and he suggested that I develop a strong portfolio and apply to graduate school. However, I haven’t been able to take the foundation classes to develop a portfolio. I’ve only take one foundation design class due to conflicts with my Marketing classes. I’ve also started teaching myself to sketch this summer. Now, I’m not sure if I can develop a strong portfolio to apply for graduate school. Should I still consider graduate school as an option? If so, which graduate schools would be a good fit?(I know of IIT, Pratt, and Umea). Should I consider getting another bachelor’s or would that be unrewarding?


Hi Jimmy,

Good Master programs ask for good portfolios for a reason. It is to check if you have the skillset to run along in the curriculum and to get something out of the course.
If you don’t have a portfolio that is good enough, then your answer is pretty obvious and I would suggest that the Masters might not be for you… yet.

Since you mentioned Umeå, I would look into their 1 year ID crash course. I believe they still offer it. Quite a few of my classmates when I did my ID Masters in Stockholm went through that year and then successfully jumped into the Masters course.

There are 3-year master programs for people without an ID background. The first year gives you the foundation.

I have looked at Umea’s Industrial intensive program many times. I would really love to go to Umea, but I would like to know more information about the experience. Bepster, is it possible I could get in touch with a graduate?

Iab, do you know any other schools that offer 3-year programs within the US?


And being a land-grant university, it is fairly inexpensive. You can get residency in a year, dropping cost even more.

Good school. I graduated and have a good job. fwiw.


Did you do your masters at NCSU?
how do you rate their one year foundation course?

I am a mid-career art director/designer with roots in the fine arts. My combined experience with art and design spans almost 25 years, and while it gives me useful tools to approach product design with, it does not equal a full skill set. Suggestions on how to get there from here? Should I plan on going back to school, find an internship (where?), or? Currently I don’t have any peers that work in this space so I am at a loss for direction. Because you know so many successful people in this space, I though to ask you advice. Thank you for your attention.Seo support