transformation in modern design. what is the meaning of it?

I am an industrial design student and i’m doing a research in metamorphosis (aka:transformation) in modern design. I’m trying to figure out why transformation has such an important role in design nowadays?

1- objects are becoming more intelligent or rather humans see them more usefull when designed that way. therefore to keep the object transforming you need to elevate the role of schematics in transformation. and doing that you also reach a point where you realize it will go through a process that resembles a sort of metamorphosis and usually it’s unavoidable.

2- comapnies, maybe even designers somehow rely on brand to communicate features, and any brand often goes through phases where it might experience a metamorphic change. whether it’s the outcome of market pressure or innovative culture the products which can pass through these stages gain stronger footing and presence.

3- new technology, understanding of space, new functions, movement with relation to the outside world and to other advanced issues push the objects to transform to fit better with other objects or understanding of new environments.

4- material will always go through change leading to new possibilities.