Dear Core77,

My name is Gus, and as of recent I finish up my first year at Pratt Institute doing a foundation year. However, the problem was that I was a undecided student and tried to get into the Industrial Design Program. In the end though I did not get into it and I know for a fact I want to be an Industrial Designer specifically in product design. Moreover, the concept of smart design interest me greatly. I explored other majors and came to the conclusion that this is the major for me but I need to transfer since the Industrial Design program at Pratt is filled. I rather not waste my parents’ hard earned money on a year at Pratt if it is not related to my intended major so I am taking a semester off as well and hopefully the year if all goes as planned.

The schools I plan to apply to are Syracuse, Art Center, and RISD and I am opened to any other suggestions though. I would prefer an art school though because I appreciate the environment that an art schools gives and being surrounded by fellow designers of different majors is greatly beneficial. Anyway, the problem that I face is that I don’t know where to start portfolio wise. I heard that a transfer portfolio should show some pieces that are related to your major but I have no formal training in ID drawing. I would just greatly appreciate any forms of advice on how to start or approach the problem. I’ve bought the book Sketching The Basics and been looking through the forums for ideas of how to start but I just feel I need to learn more. I would also like to be able to actually make the products that I design or at least get the experience to prototyping them. So if anyone knows an idea of what the curriculum is like at the RISD or Art Center it would be greatly appreciated. Any and all forms of help or advice would be great.