So I’m currently a Freshmen at CCS in product design, I had lived in Detroit for 11 years when I was younger which is part of the reason why applied and decided to go there. However, lately I’ve been reconsidering my choice. Detroit isn’t exactly the greatest city in the world at the moment and CCS’s product department is overshadowed by their auto design program.
So would I be crazy to switch to Parson or Pratt? CCS is a little cheaper sure, but I would be moving to a city with more opportunities after I complete my degree. I’d also be closer to home since my family is in NJ at the moment. I could use some feedback please.
Thanks in advance.

it sounds like you’ve made a compelling argument for yourself…go for it.

Hey scyth

I am currently a sophomore at Pratt. Just like any program Pratt has it’s strengths and its weakness’, and it really depends on what area of the design field you want to go into in regards to if Pratt is right for you.

Feel free to PM me if you want to know any more specific knowledge about Pratt and their curriculum.

Good luck

Could you tell us some of the strengths and weaknesses of Pratt because I am in a similar situation.