Transferring to Art Center

Hey guys, im currently a freshmen in U of Michigan in Ann Arbor A&D school
and i’m planning on transferring to Art Center for trans design or product design since this isnt really a place for either transportation design or product design. My questions are:
1.How many final sketches and sketchbooks should i prepare for trans or product and should there be any color renderings on the final piece???
2.Do i send in any art works that arent really related to ID like still life paintings
or portraits??
3.What are the differences between jobs you would start off of graduating from trans design and product design ?? Which one do you forst get to actually design and selling your ideas??

Thank you!!!

There is no doubt that Art Center is one of the best if not the best school for transportation design. However I feel that you would get a lot more by applying for their product design. A lot of auto manufacturer hire product designers, especially from Art Center.

As far as your portfolio, it should include everything you think might show your talent but also shows how you conceptualize. Final pieces are great, but sketches that shows ideas are as valuable if not more… Art Center lover napkin sketches.
It’s also a good idea to have a portfolio review with a councilor before applying, they will let you know your strength and weaknesses And make recommendations.
A lot of applicants take preparatory classes for up to a year before submitting their portfolio to Art Center.