transferring sketches onto computer (real life figure)??


Me & a friend are launching our own clothing line consisting of mens t-shirts & shirts. We have our final designs sketched up on paper, but we want to find a way to transfer them onto the computer & then even possibly transfer them design onto an image of a male body, click the link for an explanation for what I mean (obviously we would not use the dolce & gabanna image, but our own instead, I just used it as an example)

The reason we want to do is so we can get an idea of how the product is going to look in real life and mix & match color swatches and possibly send the designs to friends & family for their opinions before we go ahead and pay a couple of thousand dollars on samples. I know there is certain software that can do this, such as & But all of these put design onto a 3D figure instead of a real life person.

Does anyone know of any software that can do this??? I did a fashion design course back in 2001 for two and a half years but they never covered anything software related.

Scanner and photoshop. Skan your designs and/or images you want them to go onto, then bring them all into photoshop and put them together. You can use the deform tool to make the clothing images flow along with the cloth of the model you want to put them on. Good luck.

this seems like a lengthly process, only because we have like 200 designs to transfer.


time for an intern :slight_smile:

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Print out a picture of the image you want to edit

Lay tracing paper over top

Draw the design


Photoshop into place.

Why not just draw the male body in your sketches? I’m sure that would communicate the design quite well…no reason to use a photo.

You could always reverse the process, too, and hire a model to stand in the same position as your sketches are, then photoshop them. I’ll tell you, though, that photoshopping sketches and photos together doesn’t always work…often it’s a good idea to stick with one medium (or draw/render photorealistically) in order that your viewer doesn’t get confused.

As for the lengthy process – yes, design work is a lengthy process. Rules of the game.