Transfer students

hey guys ;

I would like to know this ; why do u take a transfer and is it beneficial ;what is the criteria to choose and how could this be achieved…??

for example u are studying in a private ID institute(High cost) and u want to transfer to a Public univ like cinncinnati (moderate cost) is it possible …

Also as transfer students do u have to start over the first quarter or how ?

Can anybody explain the entire procedure for transferring ???

transfering is possible any way you want. Factors are:

-If you are accepted in the first place.
-How many credits are transfered.

Chances are that you won’t get every single credit transfered. I think it’s harder to transfer from a quarter system to a semester system. It depends on which school you want to trans from/to. So the best is to apply first, then negotiate with them when you get accepted.

ahmm molested cow;

I am little unfamiliar with the credits and stuff u mentioned can i have a broader understanding of that.Here in my college and stuff we had marks so kindly bear with me and help me out here please…


Can’t help you much because I have never transfered any credit before.

Again, it depends on which school are you in and which school you want to enter. The best thing is to talk to the advisors in those schools and negotiate with them.