Transfer Friendly Schools

I’m looking into University of Cincinnati and San Jose State University. I was wondering how transfer friendly these schools are in terms of scholarships/financial aid. The former is considerably more expensive than the latter but UC’s co-op program and transportation track really appeals to me. Of course I’m thinking that by doing the co-op program it will probably pay for the difference between UC and SJSU in the long run. But San Jose State is cheaper. And it’s not that I won’t do internships if I do go to SJSU, it just is more difficult. I don’t mind looking into European/Asian schools either if there’s an all around cheaper/better option there.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Have you already been accepted to both programs?

I remember San Jose State wasn’t very transfer friendly, Tomasz Migurski for some reason never liked them, probably because they brought a fresh view. Many of the brave transfers would be turned off by his teaching style and go elsewhere. Most of the them came for exactly the same reason, it was cheaper than most other schools. Don’t know how things are now that Migurski is gone, but there are definitely better choices out there.

No. UCinn’s applications for Fall 2012 just opened a few days ago so I’m awaiting their response now. Same with SJSU.

@kylem: Thanks for the info. May I ask if you were a student there?