Transfer Dilemma

Hey everyone,

For the past year I’ve been considering transferring to a more energetic and competitive program in the transportation design field. I think I’ve come a long way in the past year, and I want to compete with the best for the best jobs, and right now I don’t think that the curriculum at my current school is up to date and the environment is subpar. After visiting Art Center I was pretty blown away with the student work, instructors, facilities and especially the curriculum being covered.

To be blunt, I don’t think I have a shot making it in the industry where I’m currently studying. The skill level for transportation design is exploding, and I believe my school is falling further and further behind as we continue to hold on to 10-15 year old curriculum. I’m looking at transferring to Art Center or CCS in Detroit. Financially, I am battling with myself if this is worth it. I’ve spent almost $54k for tuition and housing being in SF for a year and a half of schooling, and transferring to ACCD or is CCS going to add a serious chunk of loans on top of that.

I’m trying to gather some outside input on my situation. A part of me wants to take a semester off and really put together some good work and hopefully get a scholarship to either schools. Another option is just switching to product design; it’s the more financially intelligent situation, but I really don’t want to give up on transportation design. It has taken over my life and I’m absolutely positive I have what it takes to make it.

Any opinions are appreciated!


I think ACCD and CCS are good places to be if you want to increase your chances of landing a job in trans. It can happen anywhere, but certainly being at one of those schools will increase your odds.

Hello all,

I am a sophomore ID student in Seattle. The ID program where I am at is 2 years long with an additional year of design foundations which I am currently doing.

Lately I have been less and less impressed with the program and have been considering transferring more and more. As of right now I am in the top of my class, but the job market in Seattle is limited; growing yes, but still small. The ID community in Seattle is tight-knit but doesn’t seem get the type of projects I want to work on. It seems like majority of the work is medical products, stuff for boeing, or more IXD oriented. My real goal is to work at a consultancy in San Fran.

I have my eyes on Art Center, but unfortunately I don’t think many of my credits would transfer there.

So I guess my question is should I work my ass of in seattle and be at the top of my class and hope I can get a good job, I mean I am almost halfway done…

OR do I transfer to art center, probably be in the median of the class, have to go for four more years, and come out with a mortgage payment of a student loan, but most likely get the job I want?

Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

Yes, it’s true. Certain schools DO garner a reputation\connections in the industry, and having a degree from one of them MAY increase your chances of getting an interview or put you on an easier track to landing your dream job.

BUT be careful that that fact does not lead you down the path to believing that you cannot achieve your goals without a degree from one specific school.

It’s my belief that it’s not just the schools responsibility to educate you.
If your current school, which both you guys say you’ve invested considerably in, isn’t giving you what you need, you have the option of taking some of that responsibility upon yourself.
you need industry connections: make them yourself.
you need better resources: demand them.
you need your fellow students to up-level their game: be more involved in their work, call them out!

transferring to a better school could be an awesome experience, though.
If you do transfer - do it because you believe it will allow you to make your PORTFOLIO better, not just your resume.