trans design (and other questions)

Hello, pesky newb here again. I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t want to go into industrial design, due to numerous factors.

Anyway, I’ve taken a second look at transportation design, and have become a little more interested. A few questions:

  1. How’s the market? I’ve read that it’s much more competitive than normal ID, is this true?

  2. What options are available for non-automobile types of transportation? I’m much more into mass transportation, bicycles, and other things outside the realm of cars. Maybe internationally more of a demand? (which would be a plus)

And to elaborate on this, what’s the typical (or for example UC) school’s curriculum on transportation? Is it dominated by cars, trucks, etc? Because I’m really not interested in traditional autos.

  1. How’s the University of Cincinnati’s transportation track? It’s one of the schools I’ve looked at. What other schools have good programs in Trans?