Training sketches

Hello. I would like to post my sketches here. This place motivates me. And it seems to me that this place is a good environment to learn.

These aren’t bad, especially if you’re newer to design sketching. Do you have a life drawing background? Seems like you have a good grasp of drawing people. The product drawings get the idea across okay, but almost feel a little… soft? Tightening up the ellipses on the wheels and increasing the contrast (especially on the metal components) will help. You could also bring out some of the shapes with another quick pass on linework- put some darker lines at the edges of parts and white highlights at creases where light would reflect.

Also welcome to the forums, glad you’re feeling inspired!

Thanks for posting Anita. These sketches show that you can envision a design in your mind and “spin it around” on the page. Each view is depicting the design from different angles. I think a good next step would be to begin iterating on it. Perhaps the individual parts could refine to feel more integrated, more holistic?