training at work

I am curious to hear which kinds of training are most valuable to industrial designers and to employers. Skills training, time management and delegation etc…, advanced education?

The best training I actually had was the six sigma training

6 sigma for Industrial Designers? Six Sigma is a statistical measure that helps ensure high manufacturing yield. While understanding manufacturing…six sigma doesn’t make sense for ID.

Simple- Grad degree in another country.
(that’s not really training while at work though, is it)

on the job training…i.e the deep end

So true… for graduates I think it’s a major shock! University can only emulate the real working environment so far, which is good in my opinion because it’s nice to be creative as you can in University.

Teaching time management would be useful. How about presentation skills? Or a class teaching about how to do research properly, focus groups, immersion research, etc…

I took six sigma training (I’m only a yellow belt) and I have to agree with ip_wirelessly, it didn’t work for me. It seemed like after training I was self editing conceptual work before I was showing them to anyone. I was more focused at looking at the project from the end backwards. Not always a good thing.

Has anyone used or participated in the IDSA Spotlight Series as a traing tool? If so to what result?


Happy New year. Wondering again regarding anyone’s experience with on-line training? Has anyone had great success with seminar series or webcasts that have been helpful? One at a time or by subscription?


sorry for late rep…but advance education is also applicable after the training or once they are 1 month after the training…

Sorry? Not sure what you mean.