Trainer sketch

I’ve never been much of a marker sketcher but, this is one of my first steps to becoming a good marker sketcher. Hopefully.

Hey tangofan,

If you are looking for feedback from a footwear design perspective you might have better luck posting this up in the “Sketch-Fu” thread on the footwear forum.

From a sketch perspective I think it’s a pretty good start. I think you could probably play around with varying your line weights, thin inside, thicker outside, etc., right now your thickest lines are inside the shoe which make it feel heavy. Maybe try to depict the 3 dimensional form a bit better through value, start with a 10-20% maker. Right now it feels a little flat or graphic. The laces are really begging to pop off the page though, just with that slight suggestion of shadow which is really nice and convincing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that right now it seems a little awkwardly between being a line drawing or being a value shaded render, so maybe for the next ones either commit to it being just a line drawing and work line weights for all they are worth, or commit to it being a value rendering and add a couple more markers into your arsenal.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for the informative suggestions! I really appreciate it.
Yeah what I’m looking to improve is my sketching skills to a higher level so I’d be happy with the result.
And also comfortably visualising on a 2D surface :slight_smile:
Maybe I should’ve started with a more open question haha

I was after feedback but just general sketching sort of stuff. I just enjoy sketching footwear for some

Matt Choto I just had a peek at your blog. I’ve got to say those sketches are awesome! Well done

@Tangofan Maybe you can take few minutes to the Bastien Petelot’s Profile on Coroflot.

Among footwear, his entire portfolio is great.

Just take a look a round on it !! Check it out !

Cheers for the link, BP has an awesome portfolio.

Not into his work. A lot of the shoes look plasticy, an lean backward with what looks like no cushioning or sockliner allowances. I think a much better bench mark is Brian Foresta:

Thanks for the link. The reason I gave the sketch a bash in the first place was after watching your 4min trainer sketch from
2008, last week! Great vid btw.
But for Mr forestas trainer design: now they are some seriously detailed sketches.
I really appreciate input from people who have replied. I’m looking to practice sketching but not neccessarily to footwear designer level. However, I guess the modern designer really needs to be adaptable and have the skills to apply them to almost any and every scenario!

My bro sent me a link to a Nike Air Documentary of the former architect Tinker Hatfield who gave life to the Air Max model. I much prefer the hand sketches from back in the day! Very cool. Thought I’d share it.