tracing sketches in solidworks...

Hello folks!

I’m trying desperately to import a jpeg file onto a plane in solidworks so that I can trace an outline with splines. Is there a simple way to import an image (preferably jpeg) onto a plane so that I can ‘trace’ it with my sketch tools?

Any help will be greatly appraciated!! :slight_smile:


Under the sketch tools, there is a tool called “Sketch Picture”. Does what you are looking to do.

View-Toolbars-Cutomoze, if you can not find the tool.

Also, did you try the help menu? SW has great search tools in the help menu. They have some of the best descriptions. If you use the help menu…you will almost never have a question.

Fantastic!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Yes I was using the help tool but I think I wasn’t using appropriate key search words.

Many thanks!! :slight_smile: