Toys looking for Production

I am a Toys Designer based is London.
I am currently looking for a company to take on these figures into full production.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you like it.

Discover a lot more pictures here.

Enjoy !
Fabrice Le Nezet

Fabrice, I still love the characters in that first photo a lot. The individual with his shorts falling down is especially hilarious.

Have you gotten any nibbles or interest in producing these? It’s very hard for a new designer to carve a place for themselves in the market, even if they already have an established fanbase. Would you say that you have fans of your work? Collectors? How many units do you estimate you could move? How large would these figures be? What price point are you considering? What material?

A lot of artists and designers contact us, at Shinbone, hoping to produce limited runs of their designs. Before any movement can take place - questions like the ones above usually need to be answered. Depending on the artist and their background, we might produce toys or collectibles, or we might recommend using a alternative service. Occasionally we recommend that a designer gets their feet wet by doing the casting and manufacturing themselves.