Toyota FT-1


I think they killed it personally. Stayed pretty true to the heritage and did a great job with the lines - the video does a great job explaining the design in and out.

Check out the video below for a little more background on the design:

The only part I don’t like, which is on the new 86 as well, is the camel toe nose design. The low front 3/4 view makes it look like it’s got a big nose.

I personally like big noses (on women, that is) but the front end DID have me wondering where my Maryland-enforced front license plate is going to go.

I hate it when product development tries to ‘coin terms’ - “we coined the term functional sculpting”. Really.

I would have liked this concept far more if I hadn’t already seen the new Corvette from all angles.

As a concept, great. Call me when the watered down production version arrives. (IE look at what happened to the FR-S).

Toyota needs to stop making concepts and start making cars that people care about for reasons other than reliability and resale value.

I agree, I think they nailed it. This taps into my inner Supra coveting 19 year old self. Proportions are great. Really like the back end. Some of the surfacing is a little extreme but I’m sure the production version would smooth some of that out anyway.

The rear 3/4 and front 3/4 make it look like 2 different cars. Not a huge fan of the big nose, and I’m also wonder just how awful it will be with a license plate.

That said. I’d buy one tomorrow. I can get past the nose and love it. Nice job Toyota.

and I’m also wonder just how awful it will be with a license plate.

oh, pretty awful I would think…

but then what isn’t… without and explanation.

I’m surprised Chebrolay doesn’t offer this as OEM.

If judged by the Supra, I think they nailed it. I always thought the Supra looked like a whale, and this one continues that shot-putter feeling. I really like the back. I think that’s the most successful angle. The sculpting reminds me of Italian cars, like an Alfa Romeo 8C with more surfacing. The side feels unnecessarily busy with that huge vent (I thought the guy said it was supposed to look front engined?). That vent makes the middle feel a little pinched taking away from the bulky look at the front and back. The front is OK. I feel like they are trying that F1 inspired thing with the nose. Guess what: if it has fenders, it won’t look like an F1 car. Why doesn’t everyone just admit Mazda was right with the Furai concept and base these things on sportscars?

As for front license plates: I think we need a 3rd political party in the US and Canada to rid ourselves of these menaces to society.

Agree. This concept is fantastic. It’s a little weird, but still beautiful. The sculpting and lines just keep pulling your eye all around the form. Love it

Not my style, but I think overall well done and would appeal to the boy racer types this is aimed for. Just needs to come with lights underneath as standard feature. :wink:

Does more for me than recent Corvette or Lambos, so that’s saying something. As crazy as it is, it’s actually quite refined.


Yes! First thing I said when I saw this was “Ooo new Furai concept?”