Toyota Crown (US + JP)

Toyota recently announced the intro of the ‘Crown’ sub brand to the US market. I’ve seen Crown models in Japan, most notably the Majesta, which looks like a subdued Lexus LS… quite refined by comparison to the ‘luxury’ US brand. The Crown model coming to the States has some of the proportions or stance of the Polestar 2 - a ‘tall’ sedan, or a ‘lowered’ crossover. Interesting proportions.

Anyway I stumbled upon this Japanese-market PR introduction of the Crown and lineup, of which the US-bound car is just one model. The styling descriptions are well-written and not too jargon-filled.

First one I’ve seen on the road. Looked pretty good - definitely splitting the difference between crossover and sedan. Good surfacing. Coherent theme. If this is the way back to wagons I’m all for it. Looked good and not imitative (though kid #1 said ‘it looks like a Tesla’)

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First time I’ve seen it not in that two tone. Definitely better with normal paint.

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@slippyfish this made me do a little image searching… all the press photos were in the two tone which really breaks up the design. But in a single color it feels like it hangs together a lot more.

Agree, the two tone seems arbitrary. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
Nor does it need that lower door black plastic shape. Overall it seemed like a more elegant, rather than ‘sporty’ vehicle.
I had assumed from the unusual stance that it was 100% EV but its a hybrid.

The “reverse baboon ass” look is not a good one.