Toyota: Built that Me.We ASAP !!!

Toyata collaborating with french avantgarde designer Jean-Marie Massaud.

English text to be found here.

PS. My brother still drives a Panda like this.

It is his main and only car…

It is very products. I like it.

Really dig this concept, super fun

That thing ROCKS! Those first two photos have to be a scale model.

It’s kinda like a more designery version of Honda’s Element;

What’s with the saltine cracker finish on the exterior?

Maybe supposed to be textured plastic panels?

ME.WE devises interchangeable expanded polypropylene body panels
(doors, wings, bonnet, bumpers, etc.)

I guess they mean like a PP foam?

Yeah! Foamed PP…sexy, baby.

Will look great after a rainy commute and super easy to clean.

Loving that folding seat/daybed layout in that old Panda picture. Who’d have thought you could fully stretch out in an 80’s super mini? Has anybody else utilized this seating configuration since I wonder? It’d be a nice touch if a new generation Panda brought it back!