Who’s coming to town for this?

where? by who?

it’s this little thing they do in NY every year

oh and right after that

I’m thinking seriously about going to Toy Fair for the first time since '98. I’m just struggling with whether it’s worth the $ and lost billable days.

Has anyone ever picked up new work or clients there?

Toyfair is interesting , but it’s not like it used to be. It’s tought to hustle work unless you get an invite to get into Mattel, Hasbro, etc… There are times when the big guys don’t even show up, or they have a private showing.

Not going to NYC Toy Fair this year :frowning:

Going to the Nuremburg one- anyone been? This will be my first time.

Ill be there…

Whoever goes please stop by Wheaty Wheat’s booth. I’d like to hear impressions and also learn what kind of rp machines they’re using (reference).

I saw those images over on vinyl pulse, if you look at the huge originals they posted, you can see the stepping from the print process. From the level of steping vs. detail and the material color it looks to me like it came from a basic z-corp machine or at least something using a similar substrate.

I came to the same conclusion but I’m not sure. And ZCorp is apparently licensing their tech. Might be a licensee doing something custom.