Toy Vehicle Modeling?

What software do companies use to model toy vehicles? Could be Star Wars scale (around 1/18th) or smaller.

For that matter, if done in ProE instead of something like Rhino, could the entire vehicle be built in just ProE?

Given that some vehicles may be more or less organic in surface quality.

BTW I am talking about modeling for manufacturing, not just for a presentation rendering.

I use Rhino and would like to take care of the whole process there, if possible.


i have friends doing toys. none of them are using 3D. still. [edit: For them] it’s all 2D orthos and getting sculpted models from China. lots of handwork. i did get a call from Fisher-Price couple years back. they wanted Pro/E surfacing services and advice. but their surfaces weren’t anything complex. they were just new to using CAD for them i guess.

personally i think some of the things i’ve done moving poly models to Pro/E are a nice solution. like those samples i posted a while back of one toy. hoping to do something with that process eventually.