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I thought I’d set up a sticky thread for people to post links to their favorite toy sites, so it’ll be reference for everyone interested in this stuff.

Here are a few of the biggies:



Little Tikes



I’ll add more later - this is just to get started.

Also, below are a bunch posted in another thread by New Pratt Kid:

Please feel free to post any toy sites or anything relevant to the toy industry/toy design… thanks!

there is also

and from the north
-Toy trend 2004 and lots of very interesting stories.

-Possible toy trend 2005
-Possible toy trend 2005

“The toys we buy for our children today may greatly influence who they become tomorrow.”—

History of Toys; Boomerang, Chia Pets, LEGO, Silly Putty, Scooters, Frisbee, Skateboard, YoYo and many many more.
Bubble as Toy:
PlushToy History:

Time Line of Toy History:

Top 10 Worst Toys 2003:
Top 10 Worst Toys 2004:
Best and Worst of 2004:

Toy Design School:
Pratt ID also has Toy design course. Anyother schools??

My favorite Japanese Toy magazine (only in Japanese):

Another Toy Design program at FIT in NYC:

Academy of Art in San Fran has a toy program (

A somewhat complete list of toy companies can be found at:

I just got back from Toy Fair- the Toy Building in NYC is being turned into condos… sad.

Here’s a couple more:

don’t forget there’s tons of good research there!

Also-I think a sticky on schools with a toy design major would be great!

dedicated to Joe’s:

my local shop:

Oh, and of course for the Vinyl toy freaks:

photoreal toy competition 2004 international

Bart Brejcha

ToyArts -

Great Resource for toy company links and Toy Industry Jobs!

Stop on by and drop a line…


a few more for us ‘freaks’ :wink:


A good place for plush toys

This is the company i work for.
An australian based toy company that distributes internationally


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