Toy Packaging

I am creating an action figure, and it is completely a do-it-yourself project.

I need packaging, and I am wondering if anybody has some advice.

I am considering clamshells, blister packs, and even foam. But I can’t seem to find what I want at my budget, plus something local, so that I can see something with my own eyes and touch with my hands.

Ideally, the figurine and its accessories would stay in place and be well-presented.

I’m making a toy also. I’m going to make a box pattern and silkscreen the graphics on some cardboard. I’ll cut it out and fold it into the box.

I have a friend who silkscreens so the cost will only be for paint.


In terms of actually seeing the product, I guess you gave up on that a while a go?

Chances are, like me, you are doing a small run. So it’s hard to get what you need.

I thought of the silkscreening process, and they have affordable white stock boxes online…

Anyways… Happy toy making!

you can get ready made boxes and deco them individually with sticker labels or even spray painted grephics