Toy Design Competition

Hey all,
This is what you’ve been waiting for.
DESIGN ART TOY cometition.

You get to design the form as well as 3 colorways.

Submissions start October 10th

First 3 prizes are 1000$, 500$, 300$ respectively AND the designs will be produced in limited edition.

Hope to see some of you at the finish line.

Kind Regards.

sound a bit fishy

I sent one in… it was a good reason to design one which I always wanted to do. i partnered up with a friend of mine who did all the 3d…

I wish I had the time to design a submission. I keep wanting to do a vinyl figure. Actually, I’d like to do some vinyl vehicles. You could get some killer detail out of them…

… that would be cool.

It was really fun to knock it out. If I had more time I would do another one… but back to work…

Roto molded vehicles are really fun to dom in terms of producing a toy with some of teh people that are havign these “contests” is tricky as tehy normally have zero experience with design, costing , product development and sometimes just general common sense…

anyway somethimes these contests really open doors for people but just keep in mind that this “Designer” toy game is a pretty funny and slipperry slope…

make sure you read all your paper before you submit anything…

just because it is TOYS it does not mean that the people behind teh smiles are all happy hippy love filled friends…

I might sound like a grumpy jerk but I speak from years of experience both good and bad…


This was my entry… I didn’t place :frowning: but I love’em still…

Modeling done by Aron Symanski of Evo Design ( )


Nice! Wasn’t that one of your sketches form the doodle thread? Looks great as a vinyl toy…

Speaking of the doodle thread, I’ve got to dig around for something to put on there… it’s been a while.

Yeah, I’ve done some for Playskool and have been itching do do some really tricked out and aggressive ones…

These were fun to do, but very preschool… would like to do something with more muscle sometime…

Opto, those are cool… yeah, the Bionic Bear was straight from the doodle the thread… :slight_smile:


thos3e cars are really fun!
I did a whole line a while ago that was aggressive and tricked out , no idea
what it will look like once it hits the shelves in 08

Hey all,
Just to inform you that the gallery of Notable entries has been uploaded to

Since it’s always fun to see good entries, even though they haven’t been short-listed, I thought you’d apreciate it.

Artur T.

Mike that bag is amazing!

I know a few of the people that have done production custom shoes that woudl Flip
if they saw this

Opps… The image shifted when I updated my site, I corrected it above…

Thanks though man! Should be out soon… It was written up in Dime Magazine last month.

COMBO, the 1st place winner is out and in stores. (click store)

sold out at , but they’re restocking it.

also available at other US stores and in France.

Thanks to everyone who showed interest and supported the VinylCollectables initiative.
The 2nd and 3rd places are currently being worked on.
so is this year’s competition!