Toy Design Books

Hey there everyone

Im looking for some Toy Design Fundamentals info.

Anyone can recommend some really useful books or links

Thanks in advance

there are no books that deal with toy design but there are plenty of books about old toys
you cna check that out as a start and also on there is a wealth of early child development information

toy design IS industrial desing with a soft character edge and a lot more safetely restrictions…

The F-P link is a great suggestion. You can also check out the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association site for safety info:

Also, is a good site to check out regularly…

Not really a ID toy book but my dad wrote this back in 1987 when i was a child and i loved every toy out of it. he sold the rights soon after but i picked up a few on amazon for 1 dollar!

“easy to make learning toys 50 Simple Wood Projects” by John Coxon
I cant find any of his toy/design images online but i can post some up if anyone is interested?
most of the toys would be easily modernised and would be great to make and use.

Here are some useful books…


thanks a lot for the books, they are really great
I’ve seen some amazing toys in the :slight_smile: I want to be a little boy again…
hope you all come and play…

Another book worth mentioning, less about toy design and more about invention and invention submission:

Also check out:
ASTM F963-86 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety)
Also look at books on child development to understand appropriate play pattern development.

Good Luck

GREATTTTTTT BOOK: I just bought it too and I love it.

Designed for Kids
by Phyllis Richardson

Any Amazon search would be great for your search.