Toy Crazes - which is your favourite?

I love a good toy craze, and love looking at what makes the craze successful that year. Two of my favourite craze categories to pick apart are: Pocket money driven collectibles with expandable lines, and tech pets… and one of this years biggest crazes has got me thinking I might make a trip to Toys ‘r’ Us!

I think Spinmaster’s Hatchimals ( are brilliant, and not just because of the final product, but because I can imagine the design, engineering and testing challenge this one must have been! Looking at the final product, I can imagine the original concept sketch and pitch… “there’s this bird, in an egg, and it hatches it’s own way out, and comes to life”. I love it!!

What’s your favourite toy craze, and why? Is it nostalgic, brilliantly designed, evergreen, innovative, or just plain weird?!! I’d love to know what you love and why.

(And I know LEGO is amazing… and nostalgic, and brilliantly designed, and innovative… but what else do you love?! :wink: )