Toy-centric Portfolio Feedback

Hi all,

I just updated my portfolio and would love any feedback. I’m a few years out of school, and trying to strike a good balance between school & professional work. Let me know what you think!


Hey Carly,
Not sure if it’s an issue on my side, but everytime I click your link it asks me to sign into my LinkedIn account? Not sure if this is to track who see it’s but it might be a big enough annoyance to deter people from clicking through.

Thanks for the heads up, choto!

This link should work better:

Hi Carly,

If you are going directly for a toy design role, then definitely start with a toy project. I would break up your toy work, lead with one, then switch to a non toy project, back to a toy, then non toy, then end with a toy project again. Put your strongest projects first and last.

I think you need a more consistent graphic device or system to seperate and distinguish between different projects.

One of your slides shows an OK visual of a portable toilet, taking over most of the page from some far more interesting sketches. Similarly, your Hiking Light first page is dominated by a colour render of the final outcome, which is OK, but again, the next slide is far more interesting and visually interesting.

I really like your Child’s Whisk, but this is lacking the nice sketch development you’ve shown on other projects.