Toy Car & Plane Sketches

This is sort of an extension off of a tangent I went on with the Vintage Concept Sketch thread…

These are some sketches Dave “Big Deal” Deal did for some old car models - soooo tasty…

The scans could be a lot better… these images & more are all posted at

Soooo nice!!

Along the same lines, on the same site are some photos of totally ridiculous - but totally cool - ‘zingers’

and “rendered” on yellow flimmsy. … . do studio designers even use that anymore?

Onion paper rulz!

I like the Red Baron skethc. That would be an awesome desktop toy.
I imagine it would be like the Muscle Machines…Very cool.

C’mon, let’s see some more


Awwwww yeah. Here are some more just for you, DMZ73:

That Edsel is smokin’.

i want to know how to post your works under your messages,without getting a link?thanks!


thnk you soo much for the correction in link…

i do have decelopment sketches and few pics of models of earlier explorations…i’ll share it with you very soon…