Tour de France 2010

Let’s get it started! How about Cancellara killing it today 10 seconds faster than Tony Miller? Nice work.

Who ya got this year!?

This is such an interesting year, and it was great to see Lance 4th today! Team Radioshack looks strong, I wonder if Lance will hold up? Contador is so strong I am not sure he even needs a strong team. As long as the team time trial doesnt kill him he is my favorite. Of course I am rooting for Lance, Leipheimer, or Kloden.

I think Cancellara is going to kill it this year. He looks so strong. I am not sure what Contador is up to but he did not look super strong yesterday. But we really have not gotting to his strenghts. This is all very speculative at this point but I think this tour is going to be one of the best in years. I even think lance will have good showing. I am not sure he can win but I think 2nd place is always possible for that crazy guy. :smiley:

I think Basso will do well, though he was a little off the pace. That said, it was only a 10 minute prologue and he does better when they are a bit longer.

Anyone read the Floyd Landis Wall Street Journal articles? Interesting claim of the sale of bikes to fund the doping programme:

By calling the team’s equipment sponsors, Mr. Landis said, he was able to figure out that not all of the bicycle frames and equipment the team was given each year were going to the riders: About 60 bikes were not accounted for. He said he found out that some of the bikes were being sold for cash. Mr. Landis said Mr. Bruyneel told him that the money raised from the sales helped fund the team’s doping program.

The problem with Landis, is that any credibility he had is long gone. So, even if everything he says is true, no one cares.

Landis hasn’t done himself any favours, but he hasn’t behaved any differently from any athlete who’s been caught doping- deny deny deny until the evidence against you is overwhelming, then admit, contrite, blame something else.

his claims are being taken seriously:

Federal investigators are looking into Mr. Landis’s allegations. The probe is being led by Jeff Novitzky, a special agent for the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations who led the investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative case that implicated many professional athletes in steroid use. Investigators are examining whether the U.S. Postal team defrauded its sponsors by using performance-enhancing drugs while vowing to race cleanly. Mr. Landis said he has shared with investigators details of many of the incidents he described in interviews with the Journal.

I have to say, the fact that Trek admits they knew bikes were being sold for money is very interesting. I think we all want to believe Lance is a saint, but just because he had cancer doesn’t make him one. However, if he did actually do blood doping, I am not sure I would be that much less impressed with what he has accomplished. He was probably riding against other riders doing the same thing. Blood doping is interesting, you’re not taking a drug, you’re taking your own blood. But cheating is cheating.
Floyd is a bit like Jose Conseco, and look how much he really knew.

If Lance did cheat/is cheating… then he’s the best at it because he hasn’t gotten caught. Cycling is as dirty a sport as any other sport, and it’s still impressive to be able to win.

Let’s just see if we can get through today’s stage without 4 crashes in the last 3km…

Another strange day and its only day 3.

I found this site, very cool. Live tracking of the riders in real time.

If Lance did cheat/is cheating… then he’s the best at it because he hasn’t gotten caught. Cycling is as dirty a sport as any other sport, and it’s still impressive to be able to win.

To paraphrase Indurain: doping doesn’t turn a pig into a racehorse.

Did you see that poor dog waltz into the peloton?

Again? I missed it. I did see the mass protest. It will be interesting after tomorrow’s Pave stage… hope it doesn’t rain or we might lose every contender.

I’m pulling for Basso. A same year Giro/Tour would be cool.

My podium:

  1. Contador
  2. A. Schleck
  3. Basso

I’d love to see one of the Schleck boys on the podium somewhere. I’d also like to see Jens Voight win a stage.

i just wish Versus was streaming the tour online for free like that past few years. i used to enjoy listening to the race while working.

I had read about Lance losing time because of a flat tire yesterday but when I got home and watched it last night I was still pulling for him to catch up. His ride was pretty impressive as was Alberto Contador who rode the last 18 miles or so with a brake jammed against his wheel. I was not a fan of those cobbles, it was fun to watch but I would rather not see flat tires, and guys like frank schleck out.

Vino and Cancellara were awesome yesterday. Contador is going to have to learn “slow down” in Russian. A. Schleck is going to have a hard time in the mountains without Frank. My man Basso did OK on the cobbles, for a climber. Excellent stage, well done by the planners.

I also thought it was an interesting stage yesterday. Contador surprised me at how well he handled the cobbles. Lance did pretty well in the last 30 km considering where he was at. Although, I think Im more impressed by the bikes handling that stage! Im always worried about potholes on my Orbea, and I cannot believe they at least werent shattering rims. I cant wait for the mountain stages thought. It will really show the depth of the teams rather than the individual riders.

Are any of you doing the versus fantasy race team?

I think today is the last day to set up your team.

Yesterdays stage was a good choice it made some of the non-classics riders show more depth. This years route crosses all of the legendary peaks of the tour. Making for some exciting times to come, and riders have already been dropping like flies.

Did you guys see this?
4:15 in to the tube.

Funny stuff!

thats hillarious. i was just talking with a guy today about when Robbie McEwen (i think) did the same thing a few years ago for the stage win.
Its a shame what happened to lance with all the crashes. I never thought he would win it again but its a shame to see random crashes put him out of contention.