touchscreen remote control

here are some sketches of a touchscreen remote control unit as a styling exercise that i’ve worked on. the initial sketches are from a long time ago, i wanted to show where i was coming from concerning the concept sketches that follow (alias sketchbook). i’m considering refining some more concepts into 3d models (i’ve already started 2 in alias), i’d like to hear your relevant thoughts and suggestions on these.

#5 seems like it has the most potential. It seems like it has form for a purposes sake (to house buttons/ergonomics) rather than be wavy just to not look like a brick.

Touchscreen-brick projects are tough. The main element of the form is always just a big flat spot, which means you tend to be limited to fairly rectilinear shapes. Consider taking a fairly simple primary form and then look at how you can scuplt your details into it. Also think about what those details are at the beginning (LED’s, buttons, connectors, etc).

Yeah, a touchscreen remote is a poor choice for form-studies because you’re basically just styling a bezel.

What’s the goal of your study, and how will you know when you’ve accomplished your goal?

write an iPhone app… :wink:

I agree, a tough one for a form exercise.