Touch Sensitive Switches

I’m working on an exterior project with some interactive light features, and I need some switches.

Do any of you know of some nice OEM stainless steel (preferably) touch sensitive switches that are available for purchase? Dimensions should be around the same as a light switch plate for your home. This could be an off the shelf item it it has the right look, or something that is easily fabricated, too.

I’ve tried Googling this to death, and can’t seem to find the right angle to search for. All I usually find is info on the internal components (which is where not being an electrical engineer is killing me) or gaudy “art” light switches.

Any help would be wonderful.

This isn’t exactly what you are asking, as these are currently used for military/industrial and they have round buttons and keypads. I know that the tolerances are pretty small so it’s no problem putting multiple touch points on a panel. If you contact ITW, they might be able to help you. And this is really cool tech: Works in any environment, under water, with gloves. The video explains it well.

These guys make some pretty cool switches as well. Not sure if its exactly what your looking for. They also sent me 5 samples instead of the customary 1, which was awesome.

You could consider inductive touch technology - Microchip offers it. Touch-sensitive, even through metal.

Might be the technology behind some of ITW’s offerings.