Toshiba R10/R15 Tablet PC

Has anyone purchased a Toshiba R10/R15 Tablet PC recently?

I’m interested in the overall performance - especially using Rhino (modeling & renders) & Alias Sketchbook or Painter. I tried one out in CompUSA & liked the screen size & integral drives despite the lower resolution.

I noticed that you can customize the R10 processor specs to exceed the R15 on the Toshiba website. Anyone done the same?

I am also in the market to purchase a tablet.

I have read the other post regarding tablets, however, I would also like to know more about these specific Toshiba models… anyone own them?

I bought one and am considernig returning it. It does run Rhino and Flamingo but i notice it is on software acceleration for OpenGL.

I got 2 of them and both had at least 2-3 dead or lit pixels. I guess there is not guarantee as that is a fact of LCD technology.

I just noticed they released the Tecra M4 whcih has a nvidia card and dedicated 64MB or 128MB graphics. I may return my new R15 and go for that. It also has a higher screen resolution, faster FSB and faster 5400 RPM HD.